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We take time to review latest science, research and best practices, to pull together a variety of guides & resources relevant to the aged care industry. We cover topics such as  IDDSI, immunity, hydration and nutrition for seniors in care homes. We collaborate with industry experts and thought leaders to create online training courses for healthcare and aged care professionals.

Continuous Improvement in Aged Care

We have teamed up with industry and project management experts to develop this highly practical Continuous Improvement Guide,🦩 packed with insights and templates.  The guide will provide you with all you need to run continuous improvement projects in your organisation, including: 

  • An introduction to continuous improvement (CI) and the value and importance of evidence-based research
  • An introduction to the PlanDoStudyAct Framework
  • Step by step explanations and templates to develop a comprehensive plan for your next CI project 
  • Instructions and checklists to test interventions, study the results and then act upon them 
  • Numerous tips for selecting CI projects and interventions, collecting data and making sure your project is a success. 

Clinical Impacts

This infographic demonstrates some of the tangible clinical outcomes seen when residents in Aged Care move to a Pure Foods diet.

IDDSI Framework

The IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative standardises terminology, definitions and testing methods for texture modified foods and liquids. 

Plate Presentation

Download our Plate Presentation poster as a helpful visual reference for kitchen staff when creating looking meals to help diners take in the nutrition they need.

InterRAI reporting

To support facilities in continuous improvement efforts, we partner with InterRAI to prepare reports for aged care customers demonstrating the clinical impacts of Pure Foods.  

*NEW* How to video guide

This video guide is demonstrates how easy it is to use Pure Food products from scooping and shaping to making soups and smoothies. You can learn how to prepare, heat & store our products as well as some inspiration for great plate presentation.
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Video series on Dysphagia, IDDSI Framework & Food Testing

Dysphagia is difficulty or discomfort in swallowing and is more prevalent amoung older people. We have developed a series of short videos in collaboration with Speech Language Therapist Renee Taylor and Head Chef Jessen Ramtano to talk about dysphagia, signs & symptoms associated with it and the IDDSI framework.

Dysphagia & symptoms

Learn about dysphagia and its signs & symptoms that are a major risk for malnutrition especially in older people.

What is the IDDSI Framework?

The IDDSI framework standardises terminology, definitions and testing methods for texture modified foods and liquids.

Food across IDDSI framework?

𓂃Learn what food looks like across different levels of the IDDSI framework.

What is the role of gravies?

Learn how you can enhance the flavour & taste of a texture modified meal with gravies and sauces.

Immunity Quick Start Guide

Find out which vitamins and minerals boost the immune system.

Learn the basics about immunity, which minerals and vitamins have the most positive impact and which ingredients should be a staple in your menu to boost your diners’ immune systems.

Hydration Guide

Learn why hydration is so important for older people.

Expert Dietitian, Kaye Dennison (NZRD) explains why hydration is such an important issue for older people and shares her tips on how to reduce the risk of dehydration.

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